Project overview:
Nacht Der 1000 Lichter Website

by Dave Meyer

Created in: 2016-07

Project overview

Implementation of a platform independent Website-Design for the 'Nacht der 1000 Lichter' website.

Goal of this project was the realization of a given design into a website for the 'Nacht der 1000 Lichter' event.

Additional features:

  • Event view
    • Events are shown on Google Maps.
  • Event search
    • A search feature for nearby events was implemented. Additional data for each search result will also be displayed.
  • Photo gallery
    • Photos for past events can be filtered based on their date and location. These photos and the name of their respective authors are displayed in a photo gallery.
  • Login for organizers
    • Organizers can manage events after they are logged in.
  • Responsive
    • All features are available on different kinds of end devices (PCs, Tablets and Smartphones) and the website is displayed appropriately for every device.


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